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Introduction to Rail Europe

Rail Europe is “THE Worldwide leader” in European Rail distribution and helps travellers to experience the sights and cities of Europe by train. Rail Europe has over 15,000 destinations in Europe and the widest selection of available rail products. Rail Europe connects European countries through its network of major train operators, such as Eurostar, TGV, TGV Lyria, Renfe, Trenitalia, ICE Trains and Thalys . They offer travellers great deals on the Eurostar from London to Paris, or help with the Spanish Renfe and Trenitalia timetable.

Advantages of Rail Europe

  • Rail Europe offers the greatest selection of European rail products, from passes to “point to point” tickets, as well as reservations and travel packages. Passes are the ideal choice to explore Europe at one’s own pace. Simple and flexible, passes offer unlimited travel in the countries covered, in total freedom. Rail Europe pass offerings range from the famous Eurail Global Pass that enables travellers to discover up to 24 different countries, to a large variety of National and Regional Passes for travellers wishing to concentrate on more specific countries. For travellers with more specific travel needs, travelling between several European cities, point to point tickets are ideal and a great value for money. A reservation (compulsory on some trains) will guarantee a seat onboard and the corresponding level of comfort.
  • Best prices: thanks to its unique distribution system, Rail Europe offers real time availability and the best possible price, exactly like in Europe. Cheap/affordable fares are available on all trains, even on the most famous high speed trains such as Eurostar (the Channel Tunnel train), TGV (in France), ICE (in Germany), Lyria (between France and Switzerland), Thalys (between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne)
  • Best Service: Rail Europe strives to offer the best service to its customers, from facilitating the preparation of the trip with useful information and innovative tools, to an unmatched level of after sales support. When booking with Rail Europe, travellers are guaranteed to receive a service in their local language, to pay for their tickets/passes in local currency, and receive them before their departure to Europe, avoiding long waiting time at the station once in Europe, with all expected currency/language barriers, etc.

We provide the the Euro Train Tickets to travel in between the sectors of Switzerland , France , italy , Amsterdam and other European Countries .

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